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Accuform FBPCF468 Fire Extinguisher Cover Orange 25″x17″

Protect fire extinguishers from dust, corrosion, sunlight and other environmental hazards, indoors and out.

Bright orange cover is highly visible to help employees quickly locate fire extinguishers in an emergency. Cover is made of reinforced, flexible poly sheeting and designed to easily slip over extinguishers. Back flap for easy access with pull loop at the top. Overall size is 25”H x 17”W.

• Clear view window allows for quick inspection
• Write-in the extinguisher type A,B,C,D on the front graphic with a permanent marker (not included)
• Bilingual instructions for multicultural communication

Class A – Water for solid object; paper, wood, rubber, cloth
Class B – Dry Chemical for flammable or combustible liquids;
petrol, paints, solvents
Class C – Dry Chemical for flammable gases; electrical
equipment, wiring, overheated fuse boxes
Class D – Dry Powder for combustible metals; magnesium
sodium, potassium