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SAGE 6″ Safety Light Stick 12 hours Green, Yellow, USA

Never be in the dark. Just snap and shake, Lasts for 12 hours.


Be seen with this safe, nonflammable flare alternative. For Use in Fire and Rescue Operations, Emergency Situations and Confined Spaces.


These 6″ safety glow sticks are great for camping or a power outage. Light sticks activate easily for instant light. Just bend to snap then shake to mix. Sage industrial grade safety light sticks produce a reliable source of light for 12 hours. These green 6″ glow sticks are great for camping or a power outage. Easily activate for instant light with a simple bend to snap then shake to mix. Light sticks can be used to identify, signal, warn and protect in a wide variety of safety, emergency and military markets. Each lightstick is individually foil wrapped and comes with a hook and hang hole on the top to easily hang wherever needed.


• Safe & Dependable to Use

• Industrial Grade

• Meets Military Specifications

• Patented Sure-Fasten Hook

• Waterproof (they float!)

• Individually Foil Wrapped

• Non Flammable

• Non Explosive

• No Heat, no sparks

• Non Toxic

• Provides up to 12 Hours of usable light

• Can be seen in smoke-filled areas

• Available in Green, Orange, Red, or Yellow.

• Ideal for long-term storage—shelf life up to five years

• Made in USA

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Green, Yellow