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AMPLIFI Handshoe Wheels Glove Size S-XL

Material composition: 40% Synthetic Leather, 25% Nylon, 20% Polyester, 10% Chloroprene Rubber, 5% Plastic

– Air Mesh:
A three-dimensional mesh fabric for true air ventilation ensuring a great wearing climate. This mesh is super moisture wicking, taking the sweat away from your body.

– Clarino Leder:
It resembles suede in appearance and feel. Due to its anti-slip and durable property , we use this material for our products.

– No-Slip Grip:
Extra silicone in hem openings ensures a perfect fit and keeps your gear in the right place when on the hill, to ensure maximum comfort and protection.

– Polyester Mesh:
Polyester is a pure synthetic fiber, that retains its shape and whose origin is petroleum. It is very abrasion resistant and hardly absorbs moisture.





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