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AMPLIFI MKX Silicone Comb Knee Pad L-XL

MKX is the latest in flexible protection. It uses strain-rate-sensitive silicone and comb technology to give you an ultra-slim, flexible material that can be incorporated directly into a garment. Activated on impact, it absorbs and dissipates force like a boss and can withstand multiple hits. It is also moisture-wicking, breathable, temperature-stable and easy to clean.


With the MKX knee protector Amplifi demonstrates modern protector technology. The 3D knitted sock is made of flexible material and contributes immensely to the ventilation and comfort of the knee pad. The honeycomb-shaped Hex Grid 3D protector gets injection moulded directly onto the sock. Manufactured in this way, the certified MKX Knee knee-pad doesn’t require seams, glue or Velcro fasteners. Nevertheless, the excellently finished Amplifi is very grippy and doesn’t slip thanks to the silicone dots printed on the inside. The Amplifi MKX Knee deliberately doesn’t offer the level of protection and side protection of heavier duty knee pads. The result is a slim, lightweight and very comfortable knee-pad that’s so inconspicuous you’ll easily forget you’re wearing it.


  • Material – Primary Material: 60% Polyester, 30% Synthetic Elastomer, 10% Elasthane
  • Non-Slip Grip guarantees a perfect fit with extra silicone or embossed foam rubber on hem openings. It also keeps your gear in the right place for maximum comfort and protection
  • Air Circulation is AMPLIFI’s specially designed ventilation system for temperature regulation
  • Certificate EN 1621-1 Joint protectors shield key areas of your body for the ultimate in safety. The joint protector had been tested according to the valid norm
  • Design & Innovation Award 2019, ISPO Award 2019



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