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ARMPOCKET Racer Smartphone Armband

This armpocket is a perfect smart phone housing solution for all super-achievers inhabiting the planet. So grab a lightweight Armpocket to accompany you on your journey of being an elite human being. ARMPOCKET for Smartphone when all you need is your smartphone, key and ID. The Racer integrates the great features you’ve come to expect from an Armpocket Ultimate Armband®. All in a sleek, high-speed design with a weatherproof, easy-access storage compartment. Dual access audio ports ensures compatibility with any smartphone/music player to keep you plugged in — and in the zone! Lightweight, ultra-thin. Fits smartphones up to 5.5″ in length. The Armpocket Racer™ is an ultra thin sport armband ideal for the minimalist. Carry your phone, I.D. and a single key in a premium, comfortable armband that offers protection and durability.All Armpocket armbands are constructed with unique form-fitting memory foam which expands and comfortably molds to the human arm it clings to. The addition of the reflective design distinguishes these armbands from their inferior armband relatives.

• Large wrap-around screen designed specifically for the popular Galaxy S5 and S6 Edge
• Allows full Edge side-screen viewing, navigation, and full phone operation
• Ultra-thin, low profile, high-speed design
• Protects sensitive electronic devices from moisture damage
• Ergonomic design and memory foam padding resists slipping
• Inside compartment for key and ID
• Comfortable, vented arm strap for extended wear
• Full-screen access and touch control
• Dual audio ports for all device compatibility • Fits most popular smartphones: Cushioned comfort back/strap iPhone 5, 6, Galaxy S5, S6, and all devices up to 5.5 inches (14 cm)


Size S M L
Upper Bicep inch 7-11 10-15 13-18


Small, Medium, Large