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AVON NH15 H2S Filter Emergency Escape Hood Respirator

Immediate Compact Protection.

Recognized as the world’s smallest NIOSH certified CBRN air purifying escape respirator, the Avon NH15 Escape Hood provides protection in as little as 30 seconds in a CBRN incident. This mask is quick to deploy with minimal training and provides respiratory, eye, and face protection for a minimum of 15 minutes. Vacuum-sealed in an impermeable foil bag, this mask can be worn on a utility belt or mounted on the thigh and is compact enough to store in small spaces.

Compact for quick access and use.
Other escape hoods are bulky and cumbersome. The Avon NH15
features low-profile fi lters for reduced snagging, and reduced
delay in donning. The streamlined design minimises the potential for grabbing when used in confined areas with anxious people.

See and be seen in every situation.
In emergency situations of heavy smoke, poor lighting and visibility conditions, the NH15 provides a clear range of vision. The reflective label on the hood allows users to be easily seen by rescue teams with emergency lighting.

Don in less than 30 seconds.
Achieve critical CBRN respiratory protection within 30 seconds of
opening the protective packaging and donning the reflective hood.

100 minutes protection against H2S at 5000 ppm.
Provides wearers with respiratory, vision and facial CBRN protection for a minimum 15 minutes to allow sufficient time to evacuate from a contaminated area.

5 year shelf life.
With minimal packaging, no maintenance, and low cost of ownership, the NH15 can provide 5 years of maintenance-free

• No fit check required
• The Avon NH15 is vacuum-packed in a multilayer barrier bag that provides 5 years of shelf life
• No annual maintenance
• Protect more people with your budget
• NIOSH approved product -42 CFR 84:Statement of Standard for CBRN APER with CO Service. Approval No: TC-14G-0338