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BINAME ELS30 Electro Rubber Insulating Glove Class 3, Work 26,500v, Test 30,000v, Yellow 360mm Size 9,10, Belgium

Rubber insulating gloves are the first line of protection against electrical shock.


Widely used in meter departments and other high voltage applications, these 14″ yellow rubber gloves are designed to be give electrical protection and maximum comfort.


They are rated from “Class 1” 10,000 Volts to “Class 3” 30,000 Volts glove with a maximum actual use voltage from 7,500 Volts to 26,500 Volts in accordance with EN 60903.


Before use, always check and reject glove with visual damages such as scratches, cracks, cuts, puncture, foreign matter, tear, hardening and pitting.


Always wear a leather protective glove over rubber insulating gloves to provide the necessary mechanical protection against cuts, abrasions, and punctures.


Recommend testing new gloves in stock every 12 months and gloves in service every six months.


Class          Max Use          Proof Test                DC Use

                    Voltage               Voltage               Voltage

00              500 Volt          2.500 Volt         750 Volt DC  

0             1,000 Volt          5,000 Volt     1 ,500 Volt DC  

1             7,500 Volt        10,000 Volt      11,50 Volt DC  

2          17,000 Volt        20,000 Volt     25,500 Volt DC  

3          26,500 Volt        30,000 Volt     39,750 Volt DC  

4          36,000 Volt        40,000 Volt     54,000 Volt DC 


9, 10


$51 to $75


Safety At Work