CPA AG20-CV Arc Flash Kit

Chicago Protective Apparel’s 20 cal/cm2, HRC 2 arc flash protection suit with coverall offers a more fitted option for arc flash protection. It is optimal for longer jobs that might require more freedom of movement. Made with single layers of Ultra Soft, this clothing is guaranteed fire resistance for the life of the garment, and provides comfortable wear with an emphasis on safety. This arc flash suit has all the gear needed for electrical work at an arc flash hazard of 20 cal/cm2 or less, including head, body, and leg personal protective gear, and meets NFPA 70E/ASTM F 1506 requirements.

Kit Components:

20 Cal Coverall (SW-605-20-SIZE)
20 Cal Hood with AD Face Shield and Slotted Hard Cap
11″ Class 0 Rubber Gloves (LRIG-0-11)
10″ Leather Protector Gloves (PG-0-ADJS)
12″ Glove Bag (GB-12)
Gear Bag (909-ARC)
Safety Glasses (SW-SG)
Ear Plugs (SW-EAR)



Medium, Large, Extra Large