Duralab Alcohol Breathalyzer incl 5 mouth piece Portable LCD Digital Police Tester

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Detectionrange: 0.00-0.20BAC%; 0.00-2.00g/L;0.00-2.00BAC; 0.00-1.00mg/L;0.00-200mg/100mL

Accuracy: ±10% F.S

Sensor: Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor

Working Voltage: DC4.5V(3xAAA) Batteries;Working Current: <=120mA

RelativeHumidity: 95% No Dews

Power: 3 x AAA Battery (not included)


Operating temperature range: -10oC~50oC

Alarming Level: 0.05BAC%; 0.50g/L; 0.50BAC;0.25mg/L; 50mg/100mL


Brand new,Portable and fashion design.

Advanced flat surfaced alcohol sensor.

Rapid detect results, quick response and resume.

High quality and high accuracy and high sensitivity.

After drinking,just a quick test,then you will keep your driving licence saftely.

SMD assembling, stable performance.

Smart MCU control.

Direct testing process LCD indication.

Digital LCD display with light blue backup.

Audio warning beyond pre-set limit.

Sensor fault self checking.

Battery saved design, low voltage indication.

Just a quilk check,then you can drive in confidence and safety.

Tips For Alcohol Test:

Please wait for 20 mins after drinking,then blow to it. Otherwise,it has no reaction.

If another person want to test after you,he/she should wait for 5 mins.

If the reading exceeds 0.05,the alarm will ring, then you’d better not driving.

If the reading is under 0.05, then you are safe to drive.

How to use:

1.Open the battery cover, and then put the 3 AAA batteries into the tester according to polarity.

2.Press the “start” button, accompanied by a short beep, backlit, while the screen displays a countdown from 100 to 000, the lower part of the screen displays the word “WAIT”, preheat the program prompts the machine running, then please do not blow otherwise it will affect test accuracy. Preheating is completed, “WAIT” disappears, the detector beep while displaying the words “BLOW”, “C” letter swim show, then you can start the next breath alcohol content test gas.

note: Preheat process, the countdown of the last speed test concentration, the lower the concentration, the faster the countdown, otherwise slower.

3.Please take a deep breathing, alignment on the screen when the “C” letter swim native display continuous and uniform blowing mouthpiece until the machine beep, stop blowing.

4.Blow over, swim screen displays “” symbol, also shows “the word TEST”, prompts are analyzing the test results, this time not blowing, otherwise it will affect the test results. After analyzing the concentration value displayed on the screen is the testers exhaled alcohol content, the value remains for a few seconds after, the machine automatically shut down.

Package content :

1x Breath Alcohol Tester(battery not included)

5 x Mouthpieces

1x User Manual