Duralab Pulse Oximeter

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1. Finger pulse blood oxygen is an affordable and accurate method of detecting the pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation through the finger. It also shows the volume waveform, which guarantees accuracy. 2. The unique PI index effectively reflects the pulse blood flow situation 3. Self -adjusting finger clip and simple one -button design are easy to operate. 4. Small volume and easy to carry. Suitable for daily use, measure your health at any time. 5. Widely applicable to the scope of family, oxygen bar, exercise health (use before and after exercise, not recommended during exercise). 6. Suitable for plateau tourism and mountaineering enthusiasts, elderly people over 60 years old, people who work more than 12 hours a day (professional sports training or sports enthusiasts), closed environment workers, etc. 7. This product is not suitable for continuous monitoring as a patient. Detail: 1. Display parameters: blood oxygen SPO2 value, heart rate pulse PR value, column diagram, blood flow irrigation index PI 2. Display: The product uses LED screen display 3. Energy -saving and environmental protection: low product consumption, two sections 7 (AAA) batteries sustainable for more than 48 hours or more 4. Voltage warning: When the battery voltage is too low, it may affect normal use, there is a low voltage warning prompt 5. One -click booting: one -click boot function, simple operation 6. Automatic shutdown: When the signaling is generated, the product will enter the energy -saving state automatically after 8 seconds. 7. Advantages: combining blood oxygen probe and processing display module. The product uses simple, low power consumption, small volume, light weight, and easy to carry 8. Blood oxygen measurement range (SPO2): 0 ~ 100%(accuracy ± 2%less than 70%without definition) 100%> Normal> 94%≥ insufficient oxygen supply 9 pulse measurement range (PR): 30 ~ 250bpm (accuracy ± 2bpm goods 2%large value) 60bpm ≤ normal ≤ 90bpm 10 Blood flow irrigation index (PI): the larger the pulse blood flow, the more pulse components, the larger the PI value (there is no uniform range at present) Packaging list: Blood oxygen instrument*1 English manual*1