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FHOSS Ficontego Illuminating High Visibility Safety Vest Yellow, Size S/M,L/XL, UK

A reflective & self illuminated safety vest that can help to improve visibility & safety in working environments. The Contego illuminated vest incorporates a high intensity light source without the need for secondary light.

• Hidden battery pack provides up to 12+ hours continuous operation
• Last up to 3 times longer than existing garments
• Unique Anti-Entanglement feature
• 100% Polyester
• Anti-entanglement feature
• Comfort shoulder design
• Durable construction
• High quality fabric
Light Source:
• Fhoss patented technology
• Rugged construction
• Continuous light strip
• Designed with safety in mind, the powercell is compact, robust, intrinsically safe, water resistant and will provide power to continuously illuminate reflective light strips for up to 12 hours
• The powercell has the universal capability to be charged by any USB charging device
Test Criteria:
• EN ISO 20471
• EN 340
• IP 67
• GO/RT3279

Size                S/M        L/XL
To fit chest  38-42      46-50