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Fire Rescue Ladder Rope-15Meters


✅ It has the characteristics of no length limitation, softness, convenient transportation and light weight.

✅ There are wire rope nylon core spiral ladder, wire rope ladder, insulation ladder, with protective ladder.

✅ The insulating ladder is made of silk weaving and the upper and lower tubes are insulated tubes, which is especially suitable for electric live working. Bullet Points:

1. The rope is made of tough nylon and has a high carrying capacity. It can be conveniently stored in a bag and is easy to carry.

2. How to use the rope ladder: the stainless steel connecting ring and the shackle are connected to the rope tip, either one.

3. The benefits of the ladder: the ladder adds imagination and taste, enhances the elasticity of the child’s muscles and body, and improves endurance. Rope ladders are more difficult than ordinary fixed ladders and cannot be used to calculate the balance of the body. You can also increase the flexibility and coordination of your hands and feet.

4. The size of the climbing ladder: length: 3 meters / 5 meters, width: 30 cm, bearing weight 460 kg, depending on where you like to hang on the rope ladder, very convenient


Product Name: Rescue ladder

Size: Approx.

Width: 30cm; Ankle diameter:; Total length: 15M