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GRIP FACTORY (UK) Anti-slip Tape Handrail (Rolls)

GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape is the solution for providing handrails and balustrades with an anti-slip layer.

How does it work?

GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape is very easy to apply yourself. Due to the special surface structure, this anti-slip tape has an extremely high anti-slip value but is still very clean to keep.

Optimum friction coefficient

GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape has a symmetrical pattern because it is aesthetically attractive and on the other hand has a high level of friction coefficient. Because of this, our Anti-Slip Handrail Tape is not only suitable for an industrial application where it guarantees that all safety requirements are met, but also in public buildings the Anti-Slip Handrail Tape does not affect the environment.

Easy to clean

For an optimal insulating effect and to prevent the Anti-Slip Handail Tape from feeling cold, it is equipped with an upper layer of plastic foil. The plastic film works as a fantastic insulator that prevents cold penetration into the user’s hand. An additional advantage is that the Anti-Slip Handrail Tape is not abrasive and it can be easily cleaned using all available cleaning methods. GripFactory Anti-Slip Stair Handrail Tape feels like a rubber product, but has the superior shape durability of plastic.


With GripFactory Anti-Slip Handrail Tape you are assured of a long-term solution against sliding surfaces.

  • Hygienic
  • Easy to apply
  • Removable
  • Sustainable
  • Cut to size yourself

Suitable for

  • Stairs
  • Intermediate platforms

Technical data

Topic Result
Composition PVC and PET
Total thickness applied 1.11 mm
Adhesive thickness 0.1 mm
Material thickness 0.8 mm
Total thickness 0.9 mm
Type of adhesive Solvent acrylic
Adhesive Force (kg/25.4 mm) 6,25
Cohesion (minutes/25 degrees C) 2812
Adhesion to steel (kg/25.4 mm) 5,716
Maximum size of production roll 1370 mm x 100 m
Lifetime (months) 24