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KCL GERMANY 515 CamaStrain Nitrile Coated Polyamide Knit Wrist Glove Grey/Red 10″ Size 7,8

Don’t lose it – get a grip.

CamaStrain® is a category II glove in accordance to the EN 388 with a special nitrile coating. Thanks to the polyamide fabric the glove offers even with its thin nitrile coating an extreme good mechanical durability compared with a high flexibility and very fine touch sensitivity.

The nitrile coating provides the positive characteristic of repelling oils, greases and water. Further more it offers a sure grip by handling of slippery objects.

CamaStrain® is according to KCL house standards rated as lacquer indifference.
Therefore it is an excellent glove for such tasks where product protection against finger marks is required. Because of the seriously selected ingredients, CamaStrain® is free from substances causing allergies, such as thiurames or thiourea.


Under $25




7, 8