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KCL™ (Germany) 898 Butoject Extreme Chemical Gas Tight Butyl Rubber Glove Black 14″ Size 8-10

KCL  (Germany) 898 Butoject Extreme Chemical Gas Tight Butyl Rubber Glove Black 14″ Size 8,9,10

EN 420 Level 5
EN 374 Category III

KCL – GERMANY 898 Butoject Extreme Chemical Gas Tight Butyl Rubber Glove Not much is going to get past these gloves…gas or water vapors, esters, ketones, strong oxidizing agents and a whole range of harsh chemicals that natural rubber is less effective against.

Butoject is an excellent, very flexible, chemical protective glove made of butyl rubber, suitable for extreme chemical loads when working with esters and ketones. Manufactured using the ecologically beneficial, modern Vulcoject-process technology (injection moulding). This glove is particularly gas tight. Superbly flexible at low temperatures, combined with good ozone resistance, ensuring use under extreme climatic conditions. This glove is very popular in the field of ABC-protection.

KCL has over 80 years of experience in producing protective gloves that are made in Germany – including expert advice and exclusive support.

There is always good reason for the mandatory wearing of protective gloves. The injuries that can occur due to the incorrect use, or non-use, of protective gloves are many and varied. As well as cuts, punctures, abrasions, eczemas, allergies and burns caused by acid or heat, regular contact with chemicals can also result in long-term damage with serious health repercussions, such as elevated levels of contaminants in the blood and organs. This can have serious consequences for both the operator and the employer.
Professional hand protection with certified safety
The protective gloves available from KCL – GERMANY 898 Butoject Extreme Chemical Gas Tight Butyl Rubber Glove for almost every area of use can be relied upon to protect from such consequences. KCL operates its own laboratory, where it continuously tests the protective properties of its gloves against mechanical and chemical dangers in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 standards.
Our resources include:

  • – Europe’s largest laboratory in the glove-making industry
  • – the company’s own ChemPro® database with over 300,000 tested hazardous substances
  • – our academy as a recognized, VDSI-certified education and training center

We also play an active role in standards bodies at national and international level, seeking the best protection for your hands in the context of the European standards community.

Our products range from domestic gloves to high-grade chemical-resistant gloves. Special products to protect again heat, cutting and cold round off the range.
Every KCL product demonstrates the experience of a company that has been manufacturing its own reliable products for decades.






8, 9, 10