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KCL GERMANY 932 K-TRIX N Para-Aramid with PVC Dots Knit Wrist Glove Yellow 10″ Size 8,9,10

The glove is made of 100 % para-aramide and can be worn even on the left and on the right hand (ambidextrous). Para Aramid fibres are 6 times stronger than steel and are also used for the manufacture of bulletproof jackets.
Because of the light knitwear the glove is kept breathable and does not cause any fatigue of hand. The glove provides PVC-dots on the palm for a better grip and a high sense of touch and at the same time a high cut protection. Para-aramide can be cleaned several times without losing the mechanical protection properties. The instruction for use shows the user how to clean the glove after use.
This glove is favourably used for any assembly works. Glove sizes are marked by different colour coding on the wristband.
EN 388 Level 1240


Under $25




8, 9, 10