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LHR Snubby-72 Hoist Anchor Point Weak-Link 72″, USA

A hoisting hook accidentally placed under load when attached to a deck anchor point or handrail could result in anchor failure. In addition, the re-coil under high load could be extremely dangerous for personnel in the immediate area.

To help prevent potential damage and injury, LHR offers the Snubby hoist anchor point weak-link safety device.

The Snubby is cleverly designed to:
• Progressively tear when 1,500- 1,600 pound pull load is applied.
• Open in length 3′ 6″ until it separates.
• Deploy a bright orange web strap as it opens to warn the operator or personnel in the immediate area.

Snubby consists of a web shock absorber encased in a protective sheath and has a web loop and 3″ forged ring. The loop can be choked or shackled to an anchor point. The anchor selected should be structurally capable of resisting a minimum of 3,000lbs (2:1sf).

When the Snubby is attached to an appropriate anchor, the hoisting hook can then be attached to the ring and load applied to secure the hoisting wire rope. Only enough load to snug the hoisting rope should be applied.

Snubby should be removed from service if deployed or damaged in any way.


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