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Masterlock S430 Safety Steel Lockout Hasp 4mm Diameter Jaw

The Master Lock S430 is a multi-person shackle lockout hasp for use in electrical lockout/tagout applications.

Made from Xenoy, a lightweight and durable material specifically designed with safety in mind, the tamperproof design suits smaller isolation fixings.

With its robust 4 mm diameter steel shackle, the device can lockout up to two padlocks and is designed to withstand a range of chemicals and environmental conditions.

• 4mm steel hasp fits smaller lockout points
• Steel shackle, plastic body
• Dimensions are 2-1/4″ x 3″ x 1″ inside jaw diameter, holds up to 2 padlocks
• Can be used with the S100 Lockout Leash Lanyard