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MSA D5146762/ 487500 Deluxe Kwik Draw Pump

The Kwik-Draw Pump is a one-handed, manually operated

bellows pump of 100 cc capacity.


Tube Holder

This rubber part permits mounting of detector tubes, remote sampling lines or other detectors.


Filter Disc

This porous plastic disc mounted in the rubber Tube Holder protects the Pump from dirt and dust particles which may alter the flow or damage the pump.


Exhaust Valve

Located under the valve cover, this valve closes as the bellows re-inflates, and readily opens on the exhaust stroke so blow-back through the tube holder is negligible.


Stroke Counter

For convenience, a stroke counter is incorporated into the Pump handle.


End-of-stroke Indicator

As the bellows begins to re-inflate, and after the knob is released, the indicator eyeball turns high-visibility green. As the vacuum decreases, the eye begins to roll back to black. The stroke is over when the eye is all black.


Above $200


Chemical Protection