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NIGHT OWL OPTCS 5×50 NOB5X Night Vision Binocular (Blue-Black)

This Night Owl NOB5X 5x Night Vision Binocular offers high performance optics in a very compact body. Due to the number of lens elements used in the design and the premium lens coating employed, the unit gives a crisp image with minimal internal reflection. The housing is finished in a rubber coating which makes it easy for handling and reduces the risk of dropping. The Night Owl NOB5X 5x Night Vision Binocular is a 5×50 binocular which has a field of view of 26.5m at a distance of 100m and is powered by a single lithium battery (not included).

Night Vision works by light coming into the device from the objective lenses which is then focused onto the Image Intensifier tubes. The front of these tubes contain photocathode which converts the light into electrons and the voltage from the battery transfers the electrons into the phosphorous screens, which in turn illuminate with an image. The image seen through Night Vision Binoculars isn’t quite as clear as standard optical binoculars, as the screen can give light and dark spots which are caused by the Intensifier tube; this is quite normal. The image will fall away slightly to the edge as the center of the image is the most intense, but this is corrected as much as possible by using top quality optics.

How Does it Work

The ambient light, such as the moon and stars is gathered by the lens of the Night Vision Monocular and then focused onto the image intensifier tube. The intensifier tube converts the gathered light into single electrons, which are then multiplied by a high voltage tube (17 kilovolt). These multiplied electrons strike a phosphorous screen in high numbers, which then activates the screens illumination and that’s all there is to it, the amplified light signals can now be seen by the human eye.


Complete Darkness: Use of the infra red illuminator is necessary to be able to see an image.
Half-Moon: This gives quite a substantial amount of ambient light which can be amplified by the unit, so without the IR illuminator a man-seized object can be seen from about 300yards away.
Starlight (No Moon): Without the IR Illumination, a man-seized object can be recognized about 200 yards away. The IR will greatly improve detail of the object.
Urban Light: Street lights and head lights will generally not damage the intensifier tube if a safe disatnce away. At a distance of more than 30yards, most man-made light sources will not damge the device.