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SAFE-T-STIK STS-001 Standard Magnetic Tag Line Safety Tool

Safe-T-Stik is the ultimate hands free, no-touch magnetic safety tool for moving road plate, trench plate, poles, pipe,
I-Beams, shipping containers, valves, fittings and any other heavy steel objects or large parts being lifted or hoisted into or
out of position. With over 400 LBS of magnetic gripping force and a full range of motion, employees will be able to push
and pull suspended loads while keeping a safe distance. Safe-T-Stik products use a material that is lightweight, super
durable, weather/UV resistant and electrically insulative at a rate of 35Kv (per manufacturer tests). Safe-T-Stik products
have been awarded a U.S. Patent and have received full approval and are in use in many large utility and underground
construction companies across the U.S.A. and internationally.
Safe-T-Stik is a magnetic tag line safety tool for moving road plate, trench plate, steel plate, I-Beams, pipe, poles and most any heavy steel object being hoisted or lifted.
Length: Fixed 5′
Weight: 5 LBS
Handle: Adjustable