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SCOTT 071.304.00 Panaseal Positive Pressure Facemasks Black, with Neoprene and Standard Rubber Head Harness

Available in two different sizes, the Sabre Safety Panaseal Face Mask accommodates a wide range of facial shapes and sizes. The Panaseal features a Neoprene outer mask with reflex seal and Neoprene ori-nasal inner mask and is positive pressure.

The visor of the Sabre Safety Panaseal is single curvature and is made of scratch and impact resistant polycarbonate material with a flame retardant coating. This provides the user with excellent panoramic vision. The Panseal’s visor is held in position by two U-shaped clamps. The Panaseal has been designed so that the wearer can wear integrated spectacle frames without any compromising of the facemask seal.

The Panaseal is available with either a five-point fully adjustable neoprene strap style harness or a two-point adjustable Polyester or Kevlar net style harness.

The Sabre Safety Panaseal features a left hand side bayonet connection for the demand valve. There is also the option of an additional right quick-fit port in order to take a communications interface, which is also available separately.

A speech diaphragm is mounted at the front of the mask to offer unimpeded speech transmission and there is a low resistance positive pressure exhalation valve that allows for normal breathing with no extra effort. The mask is designed with separate inspiratory and expiratory paths to minimize the risk of c