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Survitec Dyneema SK75 Safety Strops

Lifeboat Fall Prevention Device

Material:                                Dyneema SK75

Construction:                        12 x 1 plaited with coating to improve resistance wear and tear

Color:                                      Yellow


Relative density:                   0.97 (Floating)

Temperature resistance:     Melting point 150″

UV resistance:                       Excellent – Fully stabilised

Extension:                              4.5% at break (new rope), reduces to 2% (worked rope)

Flexibility:                              Lightweight and Flexible. Good shape retention

Chemical Resistance:           Excellent

Water absorption:                0

Construction of Dyneema Safety Strops

18 mm dia. – 1.1 meter finished length – grommet sling – each end fitted with a protected soft eye -shackle SWL 6.5 ton each end- MBL: 39 tons

Also inlcude:

  1. 1 x Safety warning tag for release handle inside the boat
  2. 1 x Woeks certificate
  3. 1 x Instruction manual