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TRELLCHEM® Super T-ET Gastight Protection Suit with Gloves and Boots Size XL, Made in Sweden. SOLAS Approved Suit

* Viton/Butyl rubber on nylon fabric with inside butyl rubber coating

* Trellchem Bayonet ring system
* Trellchem Regulating valve MKII & inner tubing
* Sewn-in sock OR attached Firemens’ boots
* Overpressure valves: 2 pcs in type CV/VP1 and 1 pce in type T
* Sizes: XS – XXL

Certificate: EN 943-1 & EN 943-2 / ET

Standard accessories packed with the suit: 1 pce Suit Manual CD, 1 pce zip care kit, 1 pce lubrication for the Bayonet ring system, 2 pcs safety pins, 1 pair inner cotton comfort gloves, 1 pce suit shanger, 1 pce black plastic storage bag, 1 pce Mini Hood (if type T suit) and 1 pce black Trellchem Storage Bag. Delivered in a cardboard box.