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UVEX 2124001 Xact-Fit Disposable Corded Earplug 26dB, 1 box/50 pairs (Can Sell in Pair)

Uvex xact-fit is an innovative concept in hearing protection that makes ear plugs an individual fit, similar to that of left- and right-handed gloves. Both the ergonomically designed stems and the oval foam pods of the xact-fit mimic the shape and contours of the ear canal, reducing pressure in the canal and making the fitting of the xact-fit hygienic, convenient and easy.

Uvex xact-fit is suitable for noise environments below 100 decibels, or for individuals exposed to intermittent noise, or moving in and out of noise areas. It is corded for increased security and incorporates replaceable foam pods, which increase the life and value of the product.

• The ergonomically shaped grip for the left and right ears increases wearer comfort
• Optimum adjustment for the wearer minimises pressure, even when worn for extended periods
• Quick and easy insertion
• Adjustable cord
• Replaceable spare earplugs
• Hygienic
• Environmentally friendly and cost-effective
• PVC-free
• 2013 BSIF Safety Award


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