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Wearwell 229 Mud Chucker Shoe & Boot Scraper

Keep your floors clean and dry with these hard-working, durable entryway mats. They’re ideal for kitchens, locker rooms, inclines, production areas, outside entrances–anywhere wet floors or slipping could be a risk.

Mud Checker Entrance Mat
• Perfect for use at outdoor entrances
• Natural rubber construction
• 1″ thick at front edge; 2-3/8″ thick on all sides
Very effective at removing dirt, grass, snow, salt, sand, and other outdoor debris. Pliable rubber fingertips scrape the debris off both the bottom and the sides of shoes before it can be tracked inside. To clean, just shake off the dirt and spray with a hose. Will not mildew and resists UV exposure. May be used in conjunction with entrance mats in very dirty areas. 12-3/8″Lx15-1/4″W.