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ZONE3 Women Aeroforce Swimback Style ITU Design Trisuit, Size XS-L

The Aeroforce collection has been refi ned for 2018, with improved fi t, fabrics and colour combinations this is sure to be the most stylish and fastest triwear on the market.
Boasting a combination of leading performance fabrics from Italy, a further improved ultra streamlined fi t and advanced heat bonding technology, these suits are all about racing fast in
ultimate comfort.

Designed to be the most aerodynamic suit on the market, utilising a unique dimple fabric designed in Italy based on Golf Ball Technology. This fabric is located in the key areas which generate the most drag to help minimise this and increase speed by
creating a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that clings to the suit’s surface. This allows the air to smoothly follow the contours of the body, thereby decreasing the size of the wake – slicing through the air faster and more efficiently.

This is combined with a lightweight, extremely breathable and 4-way stretch fabric for comfort and a full water repellent coating for maximum drag reduction. The suits are then constructed
using laser cut, heat bonding technology on the front of the suits to further minimise any drag caused by seams and prevent any irritation from traditional thread stitching.


Medium, Large, Extra Small, Small






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