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ANSELL 487090078 AlphaTec Pressure Test Kits and Accessories

Trelltest allows for testing according to the European test method EN 464 (stipulated in EN 943) as well as ASTM F 1052 (stipulated n NFPA 1991).

  • Contents include:
    • 1 pc adapter (kit TE) / 1 pc face seal plate (kit T), with connection nipple and valve
    • 1 pc pressure gauge with PVC hose and quick release coupling
    • 1 pc digital stop watch/timer
    • 3 pcs (kit TE) / 2 pcs (kit T) rubber blind plugs
    • 2 pcs cuff clips (used with old ring system)
    • All packed in a black plastic box
  • Accessories include: Unidaptor Universal Test Kit Adaptor and Suit Inflation System