ARCO 4F3200 Reliwash Replacement Sterile Eyewash Bottle 250ml

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ARCO 4F3200 Reliwash Replacement Sterile Eyewash Bottle 250ml

Saline solution is used to aid in the removal of foreign objects or chemicals from the eye, while soothing irritation, stinging, redness, watering, inflammation and discomfort. Remove contaminants such as particles and liquids from your eyes using Reliwash saline eyewash, a non-toxic formula containing 0.9% sterile saline solution. This formula works to replace the moisture in the affected eye, or it can also be used to flush wounds if necessary.

• Sterile saline eyewash for emergency eye irrigation in the workplace
• Replaces the moisture in eyes that have been polluted by particles, dust, smoke or liquids
• Supplied with a twist-seal cap that keeps contents safe and clean
• Non-toxic
• HSE guidelines require at least one litre of eyewash is available in work environments at all times
• Contains 0.9% sterile saline solution, ideal for wound and eye washing
• Shelf life 5 years