BRADLEY S19314SS Halo Stainless Steel Combination Drench Shower & Eye/Face Wash Station with Hand & Foot Peddle

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Standard and Barrier-Free Combination Drench.


Shower/Eye/Face Wash Units save space and fit easily into any work environment. Shower valve operates quickly by a pull rod with a triangular handle. Shower provides a superior washdown with a more even spray pattern. Halo eye/face wash, operated by an ergonomic, highly visible push handle, provides effective wash down coverage and spray pattern. Integral strainer reduces debris in the water and also prevents clogging.


• All stainless steel fixture

• Halo™ and SpinTec™ Deliver the Most Effective Shower and Eye/Face Washdown Coverage and Spray Pattern

• Stainless steel eye-face wash sprayhead with electro-polished finish

• Spintec Showerhead provides the most consistent distribution of water from a drench shower, improving user washdown

• Complies with ANSI/ISEA Standard Z358.1

• Industry’s Only Self-Draining Design – The Aquaduct™

• Universal identification sign and inspection tag included

• Drench shower exceeds minimum water flow of 20 GPM at 30 PSI

• Eye-Face Wash exceeds minimum water flow of 3 GPM at 30 PSI

• Includes foot pedal or push handle for eyewash operation

• Fully-Assembled and Factory-Tested Eye/Face Wash with Hinged Dust Covers



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