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BULLARD EDP1050HZ220V Free-Air Pump

Bullard Free-Air® pumps transfer ambient air from a clean air location, where
breathable air can be assured at all times, to workers wearing Type C or CE
continuous- flow supplied-air respirator hoods or tight fitting half or full face
The ambient air is filtered through a medium efficiency inlet air filter and a
Carbofine outlet filter before entering the respirator’s air supply hose.
Bullard Free-Air pumps are oil-less and have rotary carbon vanes. They produce no carbon monoxide, oil vapors, oil mist or moisture. They do not require
expensive carbon monoxide monitors, high temperature alarms or airline
filters. No calibration is required.
The pumps will supply air to one, two or three workers depending on the
pump model and style of respirator(s) being used. The chart below describes
the pump model, the number of respirators each unit will supply and its
maximum outlet pressur




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