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CIGLOW CIG-UN Wall Mounted Flameless Lighter

The CIG-UN Ciglow Flameless Lighter can be wall mounted into smoking shelters or on to a solid or stud wall. The unit has been designed for environments where naked flames create a risk to the health and safety of others on site. By removing combustibles from the workplace the unit improves safety and has been designed to be easily maintained through its pull out plug in element system.

The unit is especially useful in the Oil and Gas industry as it enables companies to ban lighters and matches from site. We can also provide a portable version of this unit if wall mounting is not possible or if you wish for greater flexibility over where the unit is used. The portable CIG-DU Ciglow Flameless Lighter comes with a mains power adaptor so it can be plugged into a power socket. It can then be placed on shelves or desktops for use.