DURALAB Cryo Glove 38cm Blue

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Cryogenic Protective Gloves protect your hands and arms when working in hazardous, ultra-cold

environments. Our innovative design offers superior thermal protection, while allowing for a maximum

level of flexibility and dexterity—an essential feature when function is important and safety is critical.

With the multi-layer anti- cold imported composite materials , through sophisticated production process

with seal , they are made of the most advanced composite materials breathable waterproof , low

temperature cotton , textile lining , polyester pongee, yet offers comfort, flexibility, and dexterity so you

can perform tasks effectively and safely. High performance, thermal inner lining wicks moisture away

from hands, maintaining comfort over extended periods

1)CE-EN: 511-2006 cold gloves Standard.

Waterproof (0to1): No leakages within 30 minutes

Cold exposure (0to4): No cool air penetrated within 30 minutes

Cold convection (0to4): No cold air to penetrate within 30 minutes

2)CE-EN: 388-2003 Mechanical hazards protective gloves standard Class A.

Abrasion resistance ( unit: circle ) : Under pressure 9kPa are rubbed in 100 laps

Cut resistance ( unit: times ) : Under 5 Newton force uninterrupted cutting withstand more than 1.2


Tear resistance ( unit: Newton ) : More than 10 Newton force upon the speed of 100mm / min tear , you


Puncture resistance ( unit: Newton ) : The speed of 100mm / min with nails piercing a 20 newton force


Main features:

▲ Applicable to resist extreme cold , temperature range -250 ° to + 148 ° C;

▲ Can be used to clean rooms or clean rooms in 1000 level ;

▲ Gloves are made of the same three layers : two layers where in a thin layer of insulating material ,

the edges are bonded together , thus trapping a large amount of insulating air , without adding

additional weight or volume ;

▲ Inner material with high thermal insulation, wicks moisture away ;

▲ Multi-layer insulated gloves , comfortable and warm ;

▲ Light , soft, durable , clean, extremely flexible ,without heavy pressure ;

▲ Cryogenic protective gloves are available to remove the liquid nitrogen directly from liquid nitrogen

Dewar , liquid nitrogen cans and other containers ;

▲ Widely used in the world for low-temperature gas , cold storage , ice , cold room, etc. ;

▲ Applied in biomedical , genetic technology , laboratory research , industrial , anti-spatter liquid

nitrogen , frozen food processing , LNG filling stations , and any other cryogenic grinding prevention of

extreme cold.

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