The Helmet Catcher™ clip is a versatile clip that is a ‘catch-all’ for everything else you haven’t ‘caught’ yet. Originally designed as an easy and convenient way to keep up with a hard hat when not in use, the Helmet Catcher™ clip is actually a multipurpose clip that can be used to keep up with tools or other PPE items. To use, slide the belt clip over your belt, pocket or waistband and then open the clip by either pulling the tabe outward to unsnap it or slide it to either side. Once open, insert the item you wish to hold into the clip and then snap or slide into place. Perfect For: • Hard Hats • Face Shields • Extension Cords • Ear Muffs • Key Rings • Welding Strikers • and much more!


All, Under $25


Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow


Accessories, glove