Hands Free BOLTING No-Flog®2 B-9-02 Metric Boxed Set

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The No-Flog®2 Box Sets are complete with the full range of Hands Free Bolting’s safe alternative to the flogging spanner.

Available in both metric and imperial sizes and providing a full spectrum of Hands Free Bolting’s 2 in 1, spark free No-Flog®2’s to be readily available for bolting applications.

Allowing all the essential tools in one place, each Kit is set in a portable hand carry case with cut foam so each tool has its own place.

Add on Hands Free Bolting’s Safety Kits for an additional line of safety. Simple and effective, the Safety Kits are easily fitted to Hands Free Bolting’s products.

Quantity: 10

Sizes Include:
27mm – 32mm
36mm – 41mm
46mm – 50mm
55mm – 60mm
65mm – 70mm
75mm – 80mm
85mm – 90mm
95mm – 100mm
105mm – 110mm
115mm – 120mm