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IPAD CU-SPR AED Semi Automatic Defibrillator

iPAD SPR Semi Automatic Defibrillator

The iPAD SPR Semi Automatic Defibrillator is a NEW, next generation iPAD AED from the iconic iPAD range.Highest IP66 rating AED – highly water resistant in rugged and water hazardous environments

USB data transfer – includes real time log event and ECG Trace. Records up to 5 events up to 3hrs per event



  • Device and consumables status LCD screen for quick monitoring
  • CPR metronome, voice guidance, and graphic instructions
  • Adult / Paediatric mode quick change button
  • Data transfer by USB



  • Automatic internal discharge
  • Daily / weekly / monthly self-test
  • Shock resistant carrying case
  • Highly water resistant casing IP66 / IP68 (Option)



  • Semi- automated e-cube biphasic defibrillation
  • Combined Adult / Paediatric pads
  • Automatic background noise analysis and device volume adjustment
  • CPR step detection indicator for more effective CPR