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Lavastica International LAV-FT-02 Flame Detector Test Lamp

The Lavastica LAV-FT-02 Flame Detector Test Lamp activates UV, IR and UV/IR Flame Detectors which detect in the 185-235 nm UV and 4.4 μ IR frequency ranges. For UV only detectors the maximum distance is up to 8 meters (26 ft) in the continuous mode. The test range for IR and UV/IR Detectors is up to 4 meters (13 ft). Most IR Flame Detectors have an extra alarm criterion; analyzing the flicker frequency of a fire.

The Test Lamp LAV-FT-02 can be put into the pulse mode by means of a selection switch on the left side of the Test Lamp. The lamp then emits pulsed energy with a frequency of approx. 2 Hz. After the alarm delay time the IR or UV/IR Flame Detector will activate.

  • Another look and feel with a red trigger and a red rubber cuff
  • The indicator/status LED in a green/yellow two-color LED, while the status LED in the previous model was red
  • In the previous model, the lid of the battery compartment was a rather weak point, so now a more robust lid of the battery compartment is designed
  • The new model has an improved charging circuit, which makes this Flame Detector Test Lamp comply with legislation that will soon apply in North America and Europe.