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Lyon 5486 Type II 2-Gallon Safety Can 10-3/4″Hx9-5/8″O.D. Red

Designed to store and dispense petroleum based liquids with maximum safety, Lyon safety cans feature 24-gauge terne plate steel construction with all-welded bottoms for added strength an spring-loaded closures to prevent spills if dropped.

• Free-flowing, perforated metal flame arresters deter flashbacks
• Spring-mounted relief vents allow expanding vapors to disperse safely
• Leather cap gaskets are unaffected by flammable, volatile and viscous liquids
• Smooth, baked-on red enamel finishes resist corrosion
• Bare metal beneath tape strip on handle frame provides contact for ground wire connection
• Type II Safety Cans with two openings (one pouring, one filling) include all basic features described at top. Flexible metal nozzle effectively dispenses into small openings and eliminates need for funnel, providing
ground path to prevent static sparks