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SALISBURY – USA 51512 Two Buckle Dielectric Rubber Overshoe, ASTM F1116 & F1117

Protect each individual worker with ASTM Dielectric Footwear.
100% Tested & A safer alternat ive to grounding mats .

Salisbury’s dielectric boots are waterproof and made from premium grade ozone resistant rubber. The flexible hand-layered construction includes a durable nylon lining for easy on/off.The sole has a durable construction with a nonskid
bar tread outsole for better traction. The attached buckle and hardware is nonmetallic.

• Protects ground workers from step and touch potential in the whole work zone, not just one confined work area, like a grounding mat
• Conforms with ASTM F1117 and is 100% test ed to the
electrical hazard requirements of ASTM F1116 at 20,000 volts
• Made in USA


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Dielectric Rubber Overshoe




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