SIR 33104 Aluminized-Coated Aramid Hood

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Hood with shoulder protection made of aluminium para-aramid fiber of 510 g / m²; equipped with ergonomic semi-panel in anallergic material, with front sweatband and knob for adjusting the circumference and polycarbonate visor 1.8 mm thick. Silver colour.


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EN 531:1995 – Protective clothing for industrial workers exposed to heat (excluding firefighters’ and welders’ clothing) :
A – limited flame spread, and at least one of:
B# – convective heat resistance (# = 1 to 5)
C# – radiant heat resistance (# = 1 to 4)
D# – molten aluminium splash (# = 1 to 3)
E# – molten iron splash (# = 1 to 3)
In all cases, higher number = better performance.
If no number is given, no protection is claimed

EN 531 A B2 C2 E3
EN 470
For close proximity fire protection

EN 531 Level C2 provide a maximum exposure of 49 seconds with a heat of 20 KWm2.
SIR aluminized clothing line provides primary protection to workers exposed to molten metal splash, sparks and radiant heat. They provide greater protection than non-aluminized clothing.

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