Solo C3 CO Detector Test Gas Canister

Designed for functional testing of detector testers, the Solo C3 Aerosol ensures that detectors that respond to smoke are in full working order. Non-flammable, this product is the professional’s choice for value in aerosol smoke.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detectors operate by using an electrochemical cell, which is able to detect CO in the atmosphere and is set at a predetermined threshold. The only way to correctly test a CO detector is to introduce CO safely to the sensor from the outside, demonstrating free flow from the atmosphere to the sensor.

The CO contained within the Solo C3 CO canister is at a level which poses no threat to the user when used correctly. Solo CO is formulated for use with the Solo 330 Dispenser. This prevents dissipation of the CO, which would occur if used handheld.

CO detectors are less common that smoke and heat detectors, however, when installed, they still need to be tested.  With all our products, we pride ourselves on offering genuine choice and CO testing is no different. The need for carbon monoxide testers has increased in recent years, thanks to widespread media coverage focusing on the danger of CO, often referred to as the ‘silent killer’. More and more domestic properties – including rentals – now have carbon monoxide alarms installed, and these too should be tested.

Key Features

  • Detector manufacturer endorsed
  • Non-flammable CO stimulus
  • Enables controlled delivery over short bursts
  • Compatible with Solo 330/332 dispenser