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STIFFY SSTDR Safety Snare Hand Saver Tool Dual Release Aluminum, USA

“It’s simple…we save fingers, hands & arms, by avoiding pinch points & crush points”

Cousin to the wildly popular STIFFY HAND TOOL, the STIFFY SNARE TOOL continues to set the bar in assisting operators in providing safe working environments & risk mitigation. After 2 years of extensive R&D, STIFFY has brought to the market the first new SNARE TOOL designed for controlling tubular.

The STIFFY SNARE TOOL features improved non-slip grips, automatic locking mechanism and super strong aluminum or stainless steel shaft. The Dual Release uses a spring loaded noose release to extend the cable through the tool to release the tubular or the slide control which instantly drops the noose from the tool preventing potential hazards. Proudly handmade in America

• Improve safety in lifting operatations
• Large Noose, Thick Vinyl Coated Cable
• Instant Release Pin
• Rubber Protected Pole Head
• Slide Control For Instant Release of Noose
• Non-Slip Rubber Grips For Greater Control
• Pole Made From Light & Durable Tempered Blue Anodized Aluminum
• Cable Runs Through Pole Forming Noose At Other End
• Pull Back Release Knob Instantly Forms Noose


36", 48", 60"