SUNDSTROM SR 77-3 Emergency Escape Hood Respirator Grab Bag

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Not every fire alarm is a practice drill. If the unthinkable happens, grab a Fire Escape Grab Bag and get out of a burning ship or rig quickly & safely during an emergency.

• Ergodyne 5080L Arsenal SCBA Mask Bag Red

• Sundstrom SR 77-3 Filter Emergency Escape Hood Respirator:

– Don In Less Than 30 Seconds

– 15 Minutes Of Protection – Provides wearers with respiratory, vision and facial CBRN protection for a minimum 15 minutes to allow sufficient time to evacuate from a contaminated area

– See And Be Seen In Every Situation – In emergency situations of heavy smoke, poor lighting and visibility conditions, the SR 77-3 provides a clear range of vision.

• Uvex Heat Resistant Terry Glove

• Sage 6″ Safety Light Stick 12 hours Green