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Theotex T11014F Speed-Dry Fan Powered Drying Cabinet

Hot air drying for 8 garments and boots.

Garments, gloves and footwear can get damp through hard work and changes in temperature. Our fan powered systems offer a fast drying solution, enabling your team to get maximum warmth, comfort and wear from their gear. With the optional factory-fitted ionisation unit, the system can eliminate odours making every shift comfortable and hygienic.

• Fan powered universal dryer
• Energy efficient
• Excellent value for money
• Extends the life of garments, gloves and boots
• High quality product
• Hot galvanised steel construction, powder coated and stove enamelled to ensure durability
• Durable and thoroughly hygienic
• Dry footwear, gloves and garments all at the same time!
8 garments + 8 pairs of boots
• Very simple weekly timer with a 2 hour interval operation in a lockable case
• Power – 2,15 kW
• Dimension – 120 cm W x 198 cm H x 85 cm D


Above $200