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UVEX 2112000 X-Fit Earplug Wall-Mounted Dispenser

Economical Choice for Dispensing Earplugs.

The X-Fit Dispenser offers a cost-effective way to make hearing protection available to everyone who enters noisy areas. It can be mounted to a wall or placed on a table or counter for easy access. It accepts a variety of uncorded earplugs so you can select the level of protection you need.
Specifications: Durable plastic construction.

Easy-to-use, robust wall-mounted
dispenser. Easy instiallation and a
controlled release mechanism
which ensires the correct number
of plus are dispensed. The audible
“one-2-click” system prevents over
supply and increased cost. The
transparent design makes it easy
to monitor the number of earplugs
remaining. A collecting tray catches
the earplugs from falling to the ground.


All, $76 to $100




Ear Protection