WERO 170227 Smart Box AquaFlex Mix Plaster Dispenser

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Thanks to the WERO Smart Box® ready-to-use instant patches can be stored protected from dust and splashing water. Thus, you always have a hygienic immediate patch at hand. Simple, uncomplicated and immediately available.


• Case: Robust ABS plastic, orange/grey lid: Durable polycarbonate

• Filled with waterproof film Werosmart® AquaFlex paving strips and finger patches (12 x 2 cm)

• Fast – Instant patch can be removable with one hand

• Simple – Immediately ready for clinging and one-handed attachable when removed

• Large opening for easy removal

• Instant patch in proven WERO quality

•Anti-theft protection – Immediate patch inserts are protected against unauthorized removal

• Easy installation

• Dimension: W 20 x H 14 x D 7.5cm

• Winner Red Dot 2020