• ZONE3 100% Natural Organic Ant ...


    The Zone3 100% Natural Glide is a 100% organic balm, which was created in collaboration with experienced athletes to fight all problems caused by friction and chaffing. The water-resistant properties allow your skin to breath while offering protection. Perfect to use below your tri suits and wetsuits.

  • ZONE3 Race Belt with Gel Loops ...


    A Triathlon essential which is used to keep your race number in place during the swim, cycle and run; the easiest way to save time in transition! Simply fasten your number to the belt using the toggles and you’re ready to g

  • ZONE3 Race Belt with Neoprene ...


    A versatile product which offers storage and visibility on the move. Perfect for runners, cyclists, triathletes and a wide range of other outdoor sports.

  • ZONE3 Women Lava Trisuit Size ...


    The ever popular Lava collection has been specifically designed for long distance athletes. Due to demand we have continued to develop the range; adding new women’s styles, as well as new print colourways and most importantly upgrading the fabrics and trims to give customers the highest performance long distance kit possible.

    Our Lava collection is made from the finest quality optical white woven fabric from France which is the choice of many brands and athletes of the highest level. This fabric is used on the upper body for maximum breathability, temperature control and freedom of movement whilst the lower body is made from a supportive compression fabric with an innovative Coolback coating to help keep the body cooler during prolonged exposure in the sun.

  • ZONE3 Women Vision Triathlon S ...

    SGD$500.00 SGD$250.00

    • Full Speed-FloTM coating to minimize any drag resistance and increase speed. One of the only fully ‘coated’ suits available at this price point
    • Pro Speed Cuffs on the arms and the legs for rapid removal after your swim. Our unique silicone coated formula allows the wetsuit to come off extremely quickly, but can you beat our 5 second record!?
    • A super stretchy one-piece shoulder panel which extends from elbow to elbow – a feature which is normally only reserved for the top end wetsuits! The shoulders and arms are only 2mm thick and use a very flexible lining to allow your full range of movement and minimize any shoulder pain
    • Maximum 5mm buoyancy panels from the hips to the knees to help increase your core support in the water helping you save energy, especially if doing the bike and run legs after the swim
    • Neoprene designed for not only performance and comfort, but also durability, making this a perfect suit to last a number of years of use
    • Designed with a downwards YKK zip making it easy to get the suit both on and off

  • ZONE3 Women’s Activate Plus ...


    The Activate+ short sleeve suit has been designed to provide extra coverage and a more aerodynamic profile. It features a graphical side panel designed to add some colour to your race day with a matt finish for a modern, stylish look. Made from high quality Italian fabric for breathability, coverage and shape retention.

  • ZONE3 Women Aquaflo Trisuit Gr ...

    SGD$180.00 SGD$90.00

    1. Aquaflo™  is a fast and comfortable fabric. It is designed to give you low levels of drag thanks to its water repellent Teflon coating. You will notice that when the fabric has water splashed on to it, it will bead up and flow straight off the suit. This is the effect which is maximised during the swim. It is made from Xtra-Life Lycra® which ensures great shape retention and comfort throughout the race.

    2. Inner Bra – designed to give extra support, especially during the run phase. The bra also has a zip on the front making it much easier to get the suit on and also allows you to use the main suit zipper on the front without exposing too much chest. Please note that size XS does not come with inner bra as requested by customers.

    3. Air-Seam is a unique breathability system which runs from the top of the suit along the spine. It is made from a soft plastic mesh material which ergonomically works with the shape of your back. It actively allows for air to flow in and out – it helps to keep you cool and assists with reducing moisture build up. The unique structure allows for great ventilation whist still remaining streamlined.

    4. Tri-lite pad – A made to measure race-specific triathlon pad. Not too big and not too small. Minimising water absorption and providing protection during the cycling phase without impeding your swim or run. Also, new fine-line stitching to further reduce any irritation.

    5. Total Zip protection – The full perimeter of the zip has been stitched with a soft fabric to prevent any sharp edges rubbing against your chest. After testing all zipper protectors we felt that an inside patch, as used by many pros, offered the best comfort and performance.

    6. New Pocket Design – Two carefully positioned pockets on the rear of the top to store your nutritional products. Designed to minimise drag.

    7. Elastic Technology and piping to give a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck lines.

    8. Silicone UFO leg grippers – A very popular and unique feature of our Tri garments. These grippers are positioned on the inside knee of each suit to prevent any movement of the shorts whilst also helping to prevent irritation or ‘sausage legs’!

    9. Flat locked stitching – Designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin.

  • ZONE3 Women Aquaflo Tri Shorts ...

    SGD$100.00 SGD$50.00

    After having so much success with the Unisex Aquaflo Tri shorts we decided to make a Women’s specific version. The design is based on the Aquaflo Tri suit which won the BEST BUY award in 220 Triathlon magazines group tests in 2011, 2012 and 2014. They are made from our very high quality Aquaflo fabric to give support and also have a number of built in features to ensure ultimate comfort.