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Brady LAD-EITH/L12 LADDERTAG Kit(SCF01 – Pack of 10 holders/20 inserts/1 pen

Contains pack
– 10 holders
– 20 inserts
– 1 pen

Ladder Tag Kits

Brady standard ladder tag kits are an excellent solution providing everything you need in a pack. You start with the robust ladder tag holder complete with the visible prohibition icon. Included are the ladder tag inserts which are used to record the ladder inspection details plus a quick and handy check inspection list. This kit is the perfect solution to control your inspection requirements and any other control procedures.


Ladder Tag Holder
Highly visible
Temperature range -20 to 130°C
Material – Polycarbonate
Dimensions 210 x 55 mm

Ladder Tag Insert
Material – Polypropylene
Maximum temperature range 125°C
Dimensions 164 x 50 mm