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Brady 104135 Microtag and Nanotag Kit – 20 Holders, 40 Cable Ties, 1 Pen

Brady 104143 Microtag Kit – 20 Holders, 40 Cable Ties, 1 Pen

Color-Coded System Helps Identify Equipment.

Brady’s MICROTAG® is a safety system which is particularly useful for identifying small plant, equipment, lifting gear and safety harnesses. Color coded and date qualified, the system also has the facility to render equipment in a ‘prohibition status’ should it be found to be faulty between inspection dates.

Holders have a “Do Not Use Equipment” message printed on them so that equipment won’t be used without an Insert.

Brady 104135 Nanotag Kit – 20 Holders, 40 Cable Ties, 1 Pen

NANOTAG™ is a safety management tagging system, purpose designed for the identification and qualification of industrial equipment which has minimal
attachment space such as eyebolts and shackles, hoses and cables, breathing apparatus and small portable tools. While its form is designed to fit to the smallest of industrial applications, NANOTAG™ still utilizes the dynamic holder and inserts system. This has the same principles as the rest of the SCAFFTAG® range, delivering up-to-date inspection information.

NANOTAG™ provides total flexibility with the options for cable tie, ring, rivet and screw attachment all accommodated within one system. The system provides maximum visibility at the point of use, is weatherproof, UV protected, and durable to withstand the toughest industrial environments


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