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FINGERSAVER Impact Protection Hand Tool Compact 295mm, UK

Safety for your Fingers.

Never put your hands or fingers in an area where they could get injured. Where there is potential for injury to hands and
fingers from striking objects, you should always use the FingerSaver.

• Light weight, durable material
• High visibility orange
• 4″ rubber hand guard
• Secure object thru durable pull cord
• Hold striking wrench and other objects at a safe distance from potential impact
• Extend the reach of the worker so their hands are out of harm’s way from hammer impact or hot equipment
• Three lengths – 265mm, 370mm, 850mm
• Optional 1M Safety Lanyard to prevent tool from falling when working at height


$76 to $100, $101 to $150, $151 to $200, Above $200


265mm, 375mm, 850mm


Hand Protection, Hand tools



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